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Solar Water Features by Smart Solar

21st Nov 2019

Smart Solar have created a fantastic range of Solar Water Features

Solar Water Features are great for any garden! As they don't need to be plugged into the mains, so no need for a cable to be trailed across your garden. They are self contained so all you need is to place it in the sun and add water. Some of the features even have a battery back up pack for those days when the sun doesn't want to come out.

Smart Solar Umbrella Fountain Water Feature

Smart Solar are a great supplier for solar powered products. We stock a range of their Water Features. Some work solely in sunlight and we have a few with their 'Solar on Demand' technology which essentially stores the energy charged in the day and can be used to run the Water Feature at night.

A stunning water feature from Smart Solar is the Umbrella Fountain Water Feature. This is a stone effect feature made from polyresin. It has 2 integrated solar panels that power a low voltage pump system and filter. It's 83cm high, so will make a great centrepiece in your garden.

Smart Solar Ravenna - Blue Ceramic Bird Bath

This is a best seller by Smart Solar and I am not surprised. It has figurines of a boy and girl with a dog huddled under an umbrella which the water trickles over.

A simple and useful water feature from Smart Solar is the Ravenna - Blue Ceramic Bird Bath. This is a blue glazed ceramic bird bath, however it has an underwater integrated solar panel that powers a pump to create a fountain in the pool. It will help attract birds to your garden and give you the calming sound of running water.

Smart Solar Fairy Leaf Fountain

If you are looking for a smaller water feature Smart Solar have the ideal one for you! It's the Smart Solar Fairy Leaf Fountain. This one has a separate solar panel wired to the feature with a 3m cable. It is made form polyresin and has a stunning bronze effect. It is only 42cm high so is smaller than most other features. It features a fairy sat down pouring the water out of a flower she is holding.

For a simple water feature there is the PondKraft Solar Cascade Water Feature. It is made from glazed Terracotta and you can choose from blue or green. It has a range of jugs on different tiers pouring water down to a pool at the bottom. It also comes with LED lights so you can enjoy this at night once charged using the separate solar panel.

PondKraft Solar Cascade Water Feature

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Originally posted on our old website in 2014