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Seasonal Maintenance - Summer

21st Nov 2019

Summer time is when the pond should be at its best. The planting will be in full bloom and the fish and wildlife should be happy, healthy and active.

  • During the summer the filter will need cleaning on a more regular basis. Check the foams and other mechanical media at least once a week.
  • Periodically check the pond’s circulation pump and remove any debris which may have accumulated around the cage and impeller.
  • Keep air pumps, filters, fountains and waterfalls running 24/7, so that oxygen levels and biological populations are maintained.
  • Regularly check the pond shelves and floor for sludge and debris, especially any corners or crevices. Remove any build up of waste before the pond’s water quality becomes affected.
  • Although not usually a major problem in the UK, check the water levels for signs of evaporation. Top up if necessary.
  • Test the water parameters regularly, at least every 2 weeks, and amend any readings that may fall out of spec.
  • Occasional partial water changes can help keep the pond fresh and healthy. Avoid water changing too frequently as this may upset the pond’s balance.
  • At temperatures exceeding 15?C the pond fish can be fed higher protein foods to promote summer growth. Although the fish may seem hungrier, make sure not to over feed and pollute the water.
  • Some established plants can grow quite extensively. Invasive, excessive growth should be monitored and removed.
  • Dead head flowering plants regularly and remove any old, dying leaves.
  • Blanketweed tends to be more problematic during summer, its removal and control will help maintain the pond’s natural balance.