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Seasonal Maintenance - Spring

21st Nov 2019

As the seasons and garden conditions change so do the pond’s routine jobs. The following guides give a brief run-through of the general tasks which need to be carried out at certain times throughout the year.

In early spring the pond wakes from its winter slumber. As temperatures rise plants begin to shoot and fish rise to the surface and start looking for food.

  • If your pumps and filters have been removed from the pond they should now be reinstalled.
  • If filtration equipment has been left running in the pond through the winter, the pump and filter will probably need a good clean. The pump can be moved to a lower point in the pond if it was raised out of the depths.
  • Check electrical equipment, including cables and pump impellers for any signs of wear or damage, and check hoses for splits and holes.
  • UVC bulbs will need replacing in early to mid spring to combat any early potential algae blooms. Check filter foams and clean or replace if necessary.
  • Now is a good time to vac your pond, or to net out any build up of sludge from the bottom and around the pond’s shelves.
  • Test the water for any imbalances and rectify if necessary. Carry out a 10 to 20% water change to freshen the pond water.
  • Check the fish for any signs of disease. Some pathogens become active before the fish’s immune system fully wakes. Adding a general tonic to the pond can knock back any possible early season ailments.
  • At temperatures between 5°C and 10°C the fish can be fed low protein foods, such as wheatgerm. At 10°C to 15°C they can be fed general sticks and pellets.
  • After the last frosts the planting baskets can be taken out and examined. Propagate or replace any overgrown plants.
  • Add plant food tablets to potted plants to aid their early growth.