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Seasonal Maintenance - Autumn

21st Nov 2019

As the year begins to end and the garden starts to wind down the pond will need preparing for the onset of winter.

  • A cover net may need to be put over the pond to catch any falling leaves. Any leaves which fall onto the ponds surface should be skimmed off as they will soon sink to the pond floor and begin to rot.
  • Mid to late autumn is the best time to give the pond floor and shelves a good vac, and to perform a final water change to dilute any build up of sludge, dissolved toxins and nitrates.
  • As the temperatures begin to drop the fish will become less active and will need to be fed lower protein foods.
  • Some plants will begin to produce seed heads. These should be removed and, if desired, sown. Otherwise they should be discarded to avoid unwanted growth.
  • Cut back any dead or dying plants in and around the pond so they do not rot down and effect the water quality over winter.

    Autumnal Pond

  • If the plant removal in the pond is quite substantial it may be a good idea to add some artificial hiding areas for the fish, such as plastic piping.
  • In late autumn, before the first frosts, any delicate plant species should be protected or moved indoors.
  • As the temperatures drop below 5?C fountains and waterfalls should be stopped or run to a minimum. The filter’s circulation pump should be moved to a higher point in the pond to leave a bed of warmer, undisturbed water for the fish to hibernate in.

For more information on how to take care of your pond plants in autumn check out our blog post Autumn Maintenance: Preparing your Pond Plants for Autumn