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Protect Your Pond through the Autumn and Winter

15th Oct 2021

At this time of year it's important to think about protecting your pond through autumn and into the winter months. Leaves are falling and blowing all around the garden as well as other windswept debris you’ll want to protect your pond against. If not protected against this detritus can sink to the bottom of your pond and decompose into a nasty sludge. In Winter you may also want to protect from the harsher weather (and may also want to get yourself a Pond Heater).

Throughout the Autumn and Winter period of course you may also be concerned about protecting from herons and other pests and predators. These products are great for that too.

Velda Laser Guard

If you’re into your high tech options then this is an amazing bit of kit. It’ll keep herons, cats and all manner of other pests and predators away with an array of defences. The Laser Guard uses lasers, flashing lights and noise to scare away potential predators. It detects motion up to 12 metres away in a 100° arc.

Pond Pyramid Net

The Pond Pyramid Net is one of our most popular products. It will protect your pond from falling leaves, twigs and other debris which would otherwise fall to the bottom of your pond and cause a thick sludge as such organic matter decomposes. It will also help keep some predators from getting at your fish, though if this is a particular problem for you, there are more robust options available.

Netfloat Heron Deterrent Panels

Netfloat Heron Deterrent Panels are interlocking rectangular or circular panels which sit on the pond surface. These are designed to protect against Herons and other predators but will also keep your pond free from falling leaves, twigs etc. These panels are unobtrusive and from a short distance away are not visible.

Velda Pond Protector Electric Fence & Velda Heron Stop Fence

Both these products are designed to stop herons and other pests from getting at your fish. The Heron Stop Fence uses bells to scare off herons etc, for a more determined deterrent try the Velda Pond Protector Electric Fence which will give animals that touch it a harmless but effective electric shock to deter intrusion.

Pond Cover Net Black

This is an extremely flexible and budget friendly option as you can just buy the amount of netting needed and cut and shape to your requirements. Choose from 4 or 6 metre width and the required length by the metre. Secure the netting with the available Anchor pegs and position and configure as needed to fit the shape of your pond.