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Priests Pond Project Brings Joy & Togetherness to Street

2nd Oct 2020

In Barkingside East London a priest has used a pond project to bring joy and togetherness to his local community in these difficult Covid times. Rev. Andrew Appiah built the communal pond in his front garden. It wasn’t long until others were joining in and contributing fish and other items or socially distanced help to the Rev and his ‘pet project,’ if you’ll pardon the pun.

Rev Andrew 42, saw it as a great way to lift everyone’s spirits during the recent lockdown. The whole street was soon involved and contributing in whatever way they could, including naming the fish. Top names included Boris, Wanda and Nemo.

“We all know the situation that we’re in, and we just felt that we needed to do something to bring some hope, light and laughter into the hearts of people really,” said the Reverend, curate at Holy Trinity Church Barkingside.”

“We’ve got some vulnerable people on our street, I mean we’re all vulnerable, but we have some who are particularly, so we decided to do all we can to lift up people’s spirits in these difficult times.”

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