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Pondkraft Woodland Water Features

21st Nov 2019

PondKraft Woodland Water Features Rocky Driftwood Sheer Drop

Just arrived! Our brand new range of PondKraft water features, that are exclusive to Bradshaws Direct.

These PondKraft Woodland Water Features are completely self contained as the water recycles itself within the water feature, all you need to do is plug it into the mains.

The 7 water features in this range all made from durable poly resin. They all come with a pump and 10 metres of cable.

My favourite in of the Woodland Water Features is the Rustic Log 3 Tiered Cascade. It's wonderful natural look would blend beautifully into your garden. We took a video of this water feature to show how it looks in action.

As you can see the water flows gracefully down the tiers of the Rustic Log 3 Tiered Casade.

PondKraft Woodland Water Features Otter Falls

We took videos of all of our PondKraft Woodland Water Features range, why not take a look.

Maybe you are into wildlife and would like to bring some more wildlife features to your garden, well how about our Otter Falls Water Features.

These little cuties look playful as they sit by your water feature waiting for their lunch to appear.

Your can find the range of PondKraft Woodland Water Features on our website where you can take a look at all 7 designs.

We also sell a complete range of pond products by PondKraft exclusive to Bradshaws Direct.

Originally posted on our old website in 2013