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Pond Pyramid Net

21st Nov 2019

New stocks are coming in this Friday, of the Pond Pyramid Nets! These were very popular last year so grab them while you can as there is limited stock!

The sun maybe shining outside now, however Autumn will soon be here and you will have to start dredging those leaves out of your pond.

It is already pre-assembled and comes with 30 stakes so you can make sure the net stays in place.

You will be happy to know it is easy to set up. All you have to do is pull the net from the box, extend and place the net on top of your pond and secure with the stakes.

No need to worry if it will fit your pond if it is uneven as the telescoping design allows it to be placed on uneven ground.

This is great for ponds up to 3.5m x 6m.

For when summer comes back around it folds to less than a meter for easy storage.

Not only does it keep out leaves and debris but is great to keep predators (like those pesky heron) out of your pond.

Pre order your Pond Pyramid Net on our website.

We do also sell a range of Animal Deterrents products.