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Pond Pyramid Net - In Stock Now!

17th Dec 2021

Now is the perfect time to sort out your pond protection for winter. Protect your pond from falling leaves and other debris as well as pests and predators all through the pond battering months of winter. The Pond Pyramid Net is one of our most popular products ever and it's back in stock now! It’s strong and sturdy, rust proof and comes with everything you need for easy assembly.

In fact it comes already partially pre-assembled complete with 30 stakes so you can make sure it's fixed firmly in place. All you have to do is pull the net from the box, extend and place it on top of your pond then secure it with the stakes.

It will fit your pond even if it's located in uneven ground as the telescoping design allows it to be adjusted accordingly. The extending poles mean it's good for ponds up to 5m x 4m.

When it comes to packing it away again it folds down to less than 1 metre for easy storage.

Decomposing leaves, twigs and other debris can be a menace as they fall to the bottom of your pond and deteriorate into a sludge that will cause health problems for your fish as well as murky or green water!

You can remedy that with the Pond Pyramid Net and help protect your fish from pests and predators too!