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Pond Pumps - Solar Pumps

21st Nov 2019

There are dozens of makes and models of pond pump available and each is designed for a specific purpose. All pumps will fall into a certain category, understanding the difference between various models and designs is essential for choosing the correct pump for the job.

Solar pumps are attached to a solar panel, which converts the sun’s light into electrical energy. The pump runs when ample sunlight shines on the panel, or in some models the sun’s energy is stored in a battery so it can be run as required. This means that solar pumps are completely cost-free to run and they don’t require a connection to mains power, so there are no cables running from the pump to a junction box. These pumps are ideal if you want to run the pump where there is no electrical access, or if you are looking for a ‘green’ solution.

Solar pumps cannot pump vast amounts of water; with current technology the larger models can only push around 1,000 Lph. They are fine for running small fountains or water features for short periods of time, but are far too small to feed a filteror waterfall and cannot push the water over a great distance. They are also inappropriate for feeding water to a filter as they can’t handle debris very well, and won’t run 24 hours a day, which is essential in a filter for sustaining the bacteria.