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Pond Pumps - Pressure Pumps

21st Nov 2019

Submersible pressure pumps were originally designed to pump water out of flooded basements or ditches, or for emptying sumps. They were manufactured to deposit the water far away from the flooded site, and, in comparison to most pumps, can push water great distances without losing too much flow-rate.

This makes them ideal for a pond which has a long stream, a filter which needs to be situated at a distance from the pump, or for a garden with a large, impressive waterfall. The smaller pressure pumps usually have a flow-rate of 7,000 Lph, while larger models can pump up to 20,000 Lph.

Many models also have a built-in float switch which will turn the pump off if the pond’s water level drops, perhaps resulting from a damaged length of hose or leaking fixture. This feature can save the pump from running dry, and can also save the lives of fish.Pressure pumps are sold with either a 1 year or 3 year guarantee and have quite a high wattage, making them expensive to run. For this reason they are commonly bought as a back-up pump.