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Pond Lighting - Different Types

21st Nov 2019

Once the sun begins to fade, an unlit pond can become difficult to see as it disappears into the dark and blends in with the rest of the garden. Adding lights to the pond can create soft ambiance, making the pond a focal point during evening and night time hours.

External Lights

The installation of outdoor garden lights situated around your pond can dramatically alter its appearance at night, accentuating areas which may seem less dramatic during the day.

There are many varieties of light available, from lanterns and spotlights, to lengths or sheets of outdoor fairy lights. You must check when selecting lights as some pond lights are designed for underwater use only and will overheat and become damaged if installed out of water.Mains powered lights can be wired directly into the pond’s junction box via a transformer which is supplied with the appliance, whereas solar lights are attached to a panel which stores the sun’s energy in a battery for use in the dark.

Submerged Lights

Light passing through a pond will illuminate the water and look great. Underwater spotlights placed strategically behind waterfalls or under fountains enhance the feature and produce stunning effects, and coloured lenses can be used to make the lighting become even more prominent.

As with external lights, there are mains and solar powered systems available. It is essential to check that any lights you wish to submerge are fully waterproof.

Floating Lights

Floating lights are a simple, but beautiful addition to a water feature. Floating illuminated fountains can vary from small, fun, spitting fountains which cycle through various colour changes, to large and exciting preprogrammed multi-coloured jets. They can be easily added to almost any area of your pond.

Misters can be used to cover the pond with a magical cloud, some floating models come with a fountain and mister, the mist fills an illuminated bell fountain, creating a stunning effect.