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Pond Grabbers

9th Oct 2020

Regular pond maintenance is very important. Your  Pumps and Filters will do a great job of keeping you pond water clear and healthy if properly set up, but it’s also a good idea to intervene with some actual manual removal of pond detritus as well. If left, things such as leaves, twigs, and even rubbish blown in the wind can affect the health of you pond water as well of course as being very unsightly.

Therefore it’s necessary to grab and remove some of that waste, and as you can see in this Oase video of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, a  Pond Grabbers is the ideal tool with which to do this. As pointed out in the video, little and regular is the key here. If you do this kind of maintenance every few weeks or so it will save you a massive and tiresome job later. It’s surprising how easily this mess can build up if left – and indeed how easy it is to prevent if you keep on top of it.

Keep an eye on our Blog for regular tips and have a look at our full range of  Pond Maintenance for everything you need to keep your pond in tip top condition..

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