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Pond Electrics - Wiring a Plug

21st Nov 2019

It seems fairly basic knowledge, but nearly all pond electrical connections are as easy as wiring a plug!All electrical cables from pond equipment consist of either three separate wires (live, neutral and earth), or in some cases, such as air pumps, two wires (live and neutral), encased in the outer plastic insulation.The live wire, L, is brown,The neutral wire, N, is blue, andThe earth wire, is green and yellow.

In older wiring the live wire was red, the neutral wire was black, and the earth wire was either green or bare copper.The live and neutral wires carry the electrical current around the appliance, in from the live and back out through the neutral.The earth wire is connected to the casing of the appliance. If the live wire becomes disconnected inside the appliance and touches any conductive casing, the current will be sent down the earth wire, away from the appliance and cause the connected fuse in the plug or junction box to blow.Equipment which only has live and neutral wires are double insulated, and no earth wire is required.There are three pins on a regular plug. The top pin is connected to the earth, the bottom left pin is connected to the neutral wire, and the bottom right pin is connected to the live wire via a fuse.An easy way for you to remember is;neutral is BLue and goes to the Bottom Left,live is BRown and goes to the Bottom Right.

The cable is then secured with the cable grip and the back of the plug is replaced.