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Pond Electrics - Junction Boxes

21st Nov 2019

A junction box is a great safe way to introduce a power supply to your garden. They allow you to run lots of equipment from one single electrical inlet, which plugs into the mains through an rcd unit.

This allows you to have up to 6 different appliances all wired into one junction box! All items such as; pond filter pump, fountain pump, uvc light, air pump, skimmer, garden lights etc can be wired into your junction box, you can also add normal garden electrical items such as a garden strimmer or a radio for the shed. 

We stock a 3, 4 or 6 outlet junction box, so be sure to select one with more outlets than you think you need to attach those garden appliances! You will then be able to turn on and off each wired appliance at the flick of a switch. All the junction boxes that we sell at Bradshaws Direct can be left outside, because they all come with a weatherproof outer casing that is designed to be mounted on either a fence, shed or a wall near to the pond. Junction boxes are very easy to wire and below you will see there is a quick guide showing you how to do this and what you will expect to find when opening the box etc.

We can supply junction boxes to either use standard, or armoured cable, so just be sure to select the correct one by clicking the links.1)Junction Box 1 2) Junction Box 2 3) Junction Box 3

To start wiring your junction box as shown in figure 1, you will need to start by un-doing all four Phillips head screws, this will allow you to remove the switch cover. 

On the cover there is a red circle, this will be lit up when the unit is working by an led light that is inside the unit. 

Figure 2 shows the inlet from your mains electrical supply, you will notice I have already unscrewed the cable locking nut, this allows you to thread the standard electrical cabling through.

In figure 3 I have shown the cables all wrapped into one another, this is not essential but does make it a lot easier to thread the cable through.4) Junction Box 4 5)Junction Box 5 6) Junction Box 6

After you have wrapped your cabling around each other, take the locking nut that you have unscrewed and place that over the cabling like shown in figure 1. Now pull enough cable through so you have plenty to work with and secure the locking nut into place as shown in figure two (don't over tighten it at this point as you will pull the slack cable back through after wiring!) You will now be able to start wiring into your switch cover that you unscrewed earlier on. 

The connector block for the mains input cable is blue, the outlet connectors are black like shown in figure 1 and 6. 

You will see that the live (brown) wire is first, it's followed by the neutral (blue) and the earth (green and yellow) wire. Use a small flat head screwdriver and make sure these connections are all firmly screwed into place and no loose copper wire is coming out of the end of each connection!7)Junction Box 78) Junction Box 8 9)Junction Box 9Once all the mains connections are inplace you can then start wiring in all of your pond or garden equipment. 

The wires will all go in, in the same order (brown, blue, yellow and green) Once you are happy that everything is wired into place you will be able to pull the slack cabling back through and secure into place as shown in figure 9. 

Finally replace the cover back onto your junction box making sure that non of the cables are trapped.