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Pond Electrics - Building Regulations Part P

21st Nov 2019

All pond filtration systems require the installation of an electrical supply. Any pump big enough to power a filter needs to be run from mains voltage, as do UVCs and most air pumps, pond lights and fountain pumps. Connecting an electrical supply to each separate piece of pond apparatus can seem daunting, but all pond power supply equipment is designed to be installed by a competent water-gardener. There are however, specific rules which are set by the Building Regulations Department which must be meticulously adhered to.

‘Building Regulations – Part P’ is a government directive which states that any permanent household or garden electrical supply must be installed by a competent ‘Part P Certified’ electrical contractor.

Any wiring that you require connecting from your pond and run directly to the house’s main fuse-box should be installed by a skilled electrician with the relevant qualifications. It can be fairly expensive to hire an electrician for this work.Or, if any electrician work you carry out is affected by Part P, you are required to notify, and receive inspection from the appropriate building control bodies for the work to be passed. This too can be costly and may take time to conclude.However, the rule states that only a permanent supply requires the certification, and an installation supplied from an existing mains socket is not classed as a permanent supply. So, if the pond’s power supply is plugged into an existing mains socket, in your shed, garage, to an outside socket, or even running into your house, the new installation can be carried out by yourself, without the need for inspection.All pond power supply equipment should come with full, easy-to-follow instructions. Suppliers and manufacturers should also be able to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have.It is crucial that you are capable and entirely confident when carrying out any electrical work, either around the pond or in your home. If you are in any doubt with any of the connections it is certainly worth contacting someone who is more familiar. Paying a little extra money to make sure the job is done properly and safely is much better than owning a potentially dangerous pond.