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Planning a Pond - Why Choose a Flexible Pond Liner?

21st Nov 2019

There are many styles of pond to choose from. A flexible liner pond, concrete pond, or box welded pond to name a few. Here we look at some of the reasons you might choose a flexible pond liner over any of the other options. 

Why choose a flexible pond liner?

  • Waterproof – The main attribute of a pond liner it's ability to hold water (obviously!). Unlike other waterproofing substances such as fibreglass or concrete sealer, a pond liner is ready to hold water as soon as it is installed.
  • Toughness – A liner should be puncture resistant. A more durable liner may be required if you have pets or wildlife present around the pond. A liner which is more puncture resistant would be advised if you are using the liner to line an un-rendered concrete pond, or a pond which is dug into stony ground. It is also generally advised that a tougher liner should be used when building a larger pond which will hold a large mass of water.
  • UV Stabilised & Rot Proof – A pond liner is designed to be buried and left outdoors in all weathers for many years. A good liner should not deteriorate or degrade in these conditions.
  • Easy to fit– Pond liners are much simpler to install than other pond materials. When comparing lining materials; lighter liners are easier to fit than heavier liners, while elastic liners mould themselves better to the shape of the pond.Flexible Pond Liner
  • Texture – A pond liner with a course texture will encourage the growth of pond-friendly bacteria, aiding filtration and giving the pond a more natural look. A smooth liner is easier cleaned, and would suit a more formal pond.
  • Price – Generally, liners are the cheapest option available for pond construction. There can be a vast difference in price between the cheapest and most expensive liners, the costs and attributes should be carefully evaluated when choosing a liner to suit your pond and your budget.
  • Colour – All pond liners are available in black. A black liner will absorb light and heat, and creates the illusion of depth in the pond. Fish also show up better in a black lined pond. Polyex liners are black/brown reversible, the brown side is usually used to create a more natural looking pond.
  • Length of Guarantee – A pond is designed to last for a very long time, this makes the longevity of the liner essential. The liners guarantee gives a good indication as to the quality and life expectancy of the liner.
  • Ease of Repair – It should be possible to repair a liner if it has become damaged. There are many repair materials available, some which suit one liner better than another. You should familiarise yourself with the available repair products and the procedures required for the liner type you are looking to purchase.