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Oxygenating Plants - Water Crowfoot

21st Nov 2019

Ranunculus aquatilis

Description: An aquatic plant which prefers to be grown in 10 - 60cm of water. The plant produces two types of leaves, submerged foliage is dense and feathered, or thread-like, the floating leaves are broad and ivy-like, and are used by the plant to float the white Buttercup-like flowers.

Other Common Names: White Water Crowfoot, Lodewort, Ram's Foot, Ram's Wort, Water Anemone, Water Buttercup, Water Snowcups.

Planting Zone: 3/4.

Origin: Native throughout Europe, Western North America and Northwest Africa.

Height: Can grow to 10cm above the water.

Spread: 10 - 50cm.

Flowers: April - May.