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Oase's Pontec Range

21st Nov 2019

Here at Bradshaws we are the UK's biggest stockist of Oase Pontec products. Pontec is the name of a range of pond products engineered in Germany by Oase. They are priced to be among the most competitive in the market but still have the build quality and reliability that you'd expect from Oase, the world leading manufacturer.

The range includes everything you'd need to make a perfect pond including fountain pumps, waterfall and filter pumps, pressurised filter, flow through filters, a pond vacuum, and an all-in-one filter pump and UVC.

Pontec Pondovario Fountain Pump

Pontec PondoVario Fountain Pump Pondovario Fountain Pump

The Pondovario is a fountain pump designed for a range of pond sizes. There are five models ranging from 750 litres per hour to 3500 litres per hour. Each one is named for its maximum flow rate so the 750 litre one is the Pontec Pondovario 750 and so on.

They all share several features:

  • 3 year guarantee. Just what you'd expect from a quality pump.
  • 4 fountain heads and a telescopic extension nozzle. So you can choose the style of jet you'd like in your pond
  • 10 metres (32') of cable. So you can reach a power connection easily.

The Pondovario 1500, 2500 and 3500 also share some other features:

  • Removable fine filter cover. This can be taken off if you want to use the pump to power a waterfall and not a fountain. Removal will allow larger solids through the pump, this means you have to clean it less often. If you take these off when you are using it for a fountain then the fountain will block.
  • A second outlet with flow adjuster. This lets you run a fountain and something else at the same time, maybe a small waterfall or a spitting frog.

The whole Pondovario range is very low wattage ranging from just 9 watts for the lowest to 70 for the largest. This means that running costs will be very low.

Pondovario Performance table

Pondomax Filter and Watercourse Pump

PondoMax Pump PondoMax Pump

The Pondomax is a powerful pump designed to run a filter or a waterfall. They come in a choice of 7 models so there is one for almost every size of pond. They all have very low running costs for their flow rate and this is one of the most important factors to consider as filter pumps are run for 24 hours a day, often for the whole year.

They Pondomax pumps have a number of features in common:

  • 3 year guarantee. This is the standard now for the more reliable pumps. Be wary of cheaper pumps with a shorter guarantee.
  • Stepped hose adaptor. This will fit any hose from 3/4" to 1 1/2" but you should always use the largest hose diameter that you can as smaller hoses restrict water flow.
  • Thermal cut off switch. If the motor overheats then it will cut off until it cools. This is useful if the pump ends up being run dry due to a leak in the pond or hoses.
  • 10 metre cable. That's 32' so should be enough for most people to get all the way to a power point.
  • 8mm solids handling, 4mm on the 1500 and 2500. This is a measure of how large sludge particles can be and still go through the pump. The larger the better as that means the pump will block less often.

PondoMax Performance Table.

Pondomatic Pond Vacuum

Pontec Pondomatic Vacuum Pondomatic Vacuum

The Pondomatic Vacuum is the pondkeeper's best friend. Every pondkeeper knows that the worst job is clearing out the sludge from the bottom of your pond, this vacuum makes that easy.

It is very similar to a domestic hoover in that it sits near the pond, you turn it on and it sucks dirt up into the cylinder.

That's where the similarity ends, the water and sludge sits in the cylinder until a timer turns off the vac automatically. Then the contents will empty out of the back of the vacuum via a drain hose, supplied, that will take the waste to the flower beds (it is good as a fertiliser) or down the drain.

Using the vacuum will remove water from your pond which you can then top up using a hosepipe. If you don't want to lose water then you can buy a net bag, not supplied, to fit over the end of the hose, it looks like a giant tea bag. This will catch the dirt and sludge but let the clean water flow back into the pond.

The Pondomatic is engineered in Germany and is very reliable, it has a 2 year guarantee.

ThePondomatic Vacuum has lots of features:

  • a powerful 1400 watt motor
  • 30 litre collection cylinder
  • 3 suction nozzles, a crevice nozzle, algae nozzle and a variable nozzle that can be adjusted to take from 2-10 mm solids.
  • 4 metre suction hose and 2 metre discharge hose.
  • 4 metre cable length.

Pontec PondoRell 3000

Pontec Pondorell 3000 PondoRell

The PondoRell is a complete solution to green water in a single package. It contains a fountain pump, filter and a UVC in one. These are the most simple solution for the novice pondkeeper or for someone who finds it hard to hide a filter and the hoses, cables and so on that go with it.

The PondoRell contains a 7 watt ultra violet clarifier (UVC) that will guarantee clear water on a pond of up to 3000 litres without fish or 1500 litres with goldfish. That's big enough for almost all ornamental pools and patio ponds.

The PondoRell can be used to power a small watercourse instead of or as well as a fountain.

Setting up the PondoRell is simple, just remove from the box, attach the fountain tube and place it in your pond. there is only one electrical cable to connect and no hoses.

The PondoRell has lots of other great features

  • 2 year guarantee
  • Second outlet with flow adjuster. So you can run another feature as well as the fountain.
  • Choice of 4 fountain heads and a telescopic extension nozzle.
  • Stepped hose adaptor. Fits hoses from 1/2" to 1".
  • Foams and bio media.
  • 10 metre cable

Pontec PondoClear Set 4000

Pontec Pondoclear Set 4000 PondoClear

The PondoClear is a complete flow through, or box, filter that comes with a pump, UVC, hose and clips. Everything you need for clear water comes in the box.

Ponds of up to 4000 litres are guaranteed to be clear when you install the PondoClear, if you have goldfish then it will clear 2000 litre ponds.

The filter box itself sits outside the pond slightly raised above the surface of the pond, perhaps at the top of a waterfall. It contains filter foams and bio media that will both clean the water and make it safe for your fish.

The pump is an innovative design that contains an Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) as part of the pump. This unit goes into the pond and is connected to the filter by a 3 metre hose you get in the set. The pump is then connected to an electricity supply and it will begin to push the water up into the filter box.

The PondoClear Set comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Pontec MultiClear Set

Pontec Multiclear Set MultiClear Box

This complete filter set comes in two models the MultiClear Set 5000 and the Multiclear Set 8000. Included in the box are a filter, pump, UVC and hose.

The filter is designed to sit above the level of the pond feeding back in via a waterfall or return pipe. It contains a multi chamber filter with 4 different kinds of media to give you clear water. The media are Japanese matting, coarse foam, fine foam and bio media and they are all included with the set.

Pontec MultiClear Filter Set Pump MultiClear Pump

The pump is a low wattage filter pump that can handle solids of up to 4mm diameter. It should require very little maintenance and is designed to run for 24 hours a day.

The 5000 set has a 1500 litre per hour pump while the 8000 MultiClear comes with a 2500 litre per hour pump.

The UVC is built into the lid of the filter and has a low energy UV lamp of either 7 or 11 watts (in the 5 or 8000 models respectively). This causes the algae in your pond water to clump together so that even fine particles can be removed by the MultiClear filter.

Pontec MultiClear Performance table

Pontec Pondopress Pressure Filter Set

Pontec Pondopress Pressurised Filter Pondopress Filter

These PondoPress Pressurised Filters have lots of great features at a very reasonable price. There are 3 models in the range but each one comes with a pump, filter, UVC, hose and clips.

They all have a cleaning function so that you don't have to open the drum to clean it.

You can bury these filters in the ground so that only the top part is showing, making them much easier to hide in the average garden.

The outlet from the Pondopress is pressurised so the water can be pushed uphill, the filter does NOT need to be at the top of the waterfall. This is often the reason for buying a pressure filter since it allows for much more flexibility when designing your pond system.

The details for each of the Pondopress models are given below:

The PondoPress 5000 Set

Pump - 1500 litre per hour 4mm solids handling

UVC - 7 watt

Suits nature ponds up to 5000 litres

Suits goldfish ponds up to 2500 litres

The PondoPress 10000 Set

Pump - 2500 litre per hour 4mm solids handling

UVC - 9 watt

Suits nature ponds up to 10000 litres

Suits goldfish ponds up to 5000 litres

The PondoPress 15000 Set

Pump - 2500 litre per hour 4mm solids handling

UVC - 11 watt

Suits nature ponds up to 15000 litres

Suits goldfish ponds up to 7500 litres

Pondopress Pressurised Filter performance table.