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Oase Swimskim

21st Nov 2019

Oase SwimSkim

Floating Skimmer for Clear Water Surfaces

A pond skimmer can be an essential addition to most ponds. Not all of us can situate their pond in the perfect location. Any of you that have trees near your pond, or neighbours whose trees overhang your pond, will know just how much sludge falling leaves dropping into your pond can cause. This is when a skimmer is something you should really be considering.

The Oase SwimSkim offers a very reliable and well thought out solution to the potential problems of debris in your pond and the sludge and other problems this can cause.

Features of the Oase SwimSkim CWS (also known as SwimSkim 50)

  • Provides powerful suction that can cope with ponds up to 50 m²
  • The benefits being less sludge build up, as well as improved viewing depths and water clarity
  • Venturi style air injector adds oxygen into the pond
  • Powerful suction draws surface debris into the basket
  • Simple cleaning, just remove the basket and wash out the foam with a hose
  • Can be used in any depth greater than 40cm as it automatically regulates to the pond height

  • Features an integrated whirlpool function, this whirls and stirs up floating debris and the bottom of the pond. This has the effect of helping this debris to be sucked up through your pond pump and filter.
  • Features an energy saving eco motor
  • Can be fixed in place either on the pond floor or with provided spikes for the edge of the pond