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Oase Spares – Making it Easier

21st Nov 2019

We are currently working hard at adding the whole range of Oase spares onto our website. All of the spares can be ordered through us. Some of these we already keep in stock, but most of them we will order with Oase and send them straight to you. This usually takes around 7 – 10 working days for delivery. Once your order has come into stock and been despatched you will receive an email with tracking details so you can track your delivery.

This is one of many fantastic selling points for buying an Oase branded product and something certainly to bear in mind when choosing a pond product, as not all manufacturers make it as easy to get hold of the spare parts for their products.

How do I know the name of the part I need?

All the spares, in fact all the products Oase sell, have a part number. This is usually five digits long. When you receive an Oase product there will be an instruction book with the pages looking very similar to below:

You will have a product with the various parts numbered and a blown up diagram showing you all the spare parts that can be ordered. So, if we take the above picture and you want part number 4, you go to the table shown below and it will give you the part number 18013, simple!

Now, you can give us a ring and we can give you a price and place your order, alternatively you can go to the search bar on our website and type the number in there.

If the product isn’t listed its always best to give us a call, as I said we are working hard to get them on to the website, however there are thousands of them. We are aiming for all of the products to have their own picture to make things even easier for you! Going forward they will almost exclusively look like the below picture:

If you have for any reason lost your instruction book there is a link here: Oase Spare Part Catalogue 2018. It lists pretty much every current product.

To search on here is simple, load up the web page and on your keyboard press control and f (Ctrl F) to bring up the find box in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Type in the product you’re looking for as shown above and it will find it for you, go to the page, then find the diagram and part number - easy!

We hope this will help to make ordering Oase spares easier, if you are struggling though please don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call on 01904 6988800.