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Oase ProMax ClearDrain – Be Forearmed for Flood Season!

21st Nov 2019

With flood warnings currently in effect up and down the country (with several here in York), we thought we’d highlight the Oase ProMax ClearDrain. This is an impressive drainage pump that can remove water right down to the last millimetre. It’s perfect for pumping unwanted water from cellars, basements etc, or for use in emergency flood situations.

Oase ProMax ClearDrain – Be Forearmed for Flood Season!

With its robust stainless steel housing, it’s high quality and built to last. Among its innovative features are the automatic trigger system that automatically turns the pump on and off when it’s needed. Vice is achieved via a built in sensor that detects the water level.

Compact in design and highly stable it’s extremely flexible in terms of where it can be used – even in very small sumps if required – down to as little as 20 x 20cm. The outlet is positioned at the top of the unit. This means that water flows continuously through the motor when in use providing effective cooling and longer life.

The pump can deal with clear to slightly murky water (hence the name, ClearDrain). It will handle particles up to 5mm, at up to 14000 L/h. If you need to shift dirtier water you should take a look at the Oase ProMax MudDrain.