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Oase Pondovac 4 - Benefits and Features

21st Nov 2019

Oase are among the world leaders in pond vacuum design and are known for their high quality and long lasting reliability. With over 10 years designing and improving on their PondoVac range the PondoVac 4 is probably the most ideal model to suit all the needs of the average garden pond enthusiast. Combining innovative time saving features, along with an impressive range of included accessories and attachments, you’ll find it can handle any job you’re likely to need it to tackle. Below we detail some of its key benefits and features. To see in full detail and to buy click any of the links in this blog or take a look at the related products at the bottom of the page.

Two Chamber System: The PondoVac 4 has updated the way in which it works. Before the system used to fill up and then empty itself, so pond cleaning although efficient could be pretty slow. This problem has now been resolved with the patented two chamber design of the PondoVac 4. Having two cylinders means that while one chamber is filling up the other is emptying - so there is literally no hanging around and waiting. Who doesn't want more time enjoying their pond rather than cleaning it?

Hand Regulator: This is a new function compared to the old PondoVac 3. Oase listened very carefully to the feedback from people with smaller and shallower ponds. The hand regulator allows you to slow down the suction power by sliding up or down the valve as shown below, this is quick and easy and can be done during the vacuum’s operation. This feature stops the PondoVac 4 from removing water too quickly, which means the vacuum is taking more sludge and stopping you having to top your pond up by 25%, as was previously the case.

String Algae (Blanketweed) Control Attachment: This attachment is fantastic for removing blanketweed and clumps of algae from the surface of your pond. It removes a very little amount of water, for the sheer amount of blanketweed that it sucks up.

Debris Collection Bag: The debris collection bag is ideal for using when you want to take big solids out your pond, such as leaves, blanketweed or stones. The bag strains out all of the solids and then allows you to recycle the water straight back into the pond.

Wastewater discharge: All the water that is released from the PondoVac 4 comes out of a discharge hose You have to make sure that this is going downhill as there is no water pressure that can push the water out. This water can either be sent down a drain or to a flowerbed, or a bucket or other container to tip onto your flower bed. As it happens, the sludge that comes from the bottom of your pond makes for an excellent plant fertilizer so don't let it go to waste!

Safe Operation Of your Oase PondoVac 4

  • Do not operate or leave in the rain
  • Minimum safety distance between the Oase PondoVac 4 and your pond is 2 metres
  • Never operate the PondoVac 4 while people are in the pond
  • Never carry or pull the PondoVac 4 unit by the electrical cable
  • Make sure cables are where people are less liable to trip over them, which should also protect the cabling from damage
  • Only use original spare parts and accessories for the unit
  • Only have repairs carried out by manufacturer or Bradshaws Direct