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Oase Pondomatic - Bradshaws Video Guide

21st Nov 2019

It’s that time of year when you’ll be getting your pond ready for summer. Now is the best time to do all those little spring maintenance jobs and one of the best things you can do is to give your pond a good vacumming to get rid of any debris, waste and sludge that has built up on the pond bottom

With that in mind we thought we’d remind you of another in our Bradshaws Video Guide series. This one features the Oase Pontec Pondomatic 3 Pond Vacuum. The Pondomatic is a great vacuum at an affordable price, that comes with 1400w motor and 3 different nozzle attachments to tackle a variety of jobs.

The video takes you through averything you need to know about the Pondomatic before buying, including assembly, accessories, general use and cleaning and maintenance.

If you think this may be the vac for you, or would like to see other options, just click through on the relevant links on this page. Alternatively if you still need to know a bit more just contact our friendly team on 01904 698800, or Live Chat for expert advice.