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Oase LunAqua Power LED

21st Nov 2019

The Oase LunAqua Power LED lights are among the best pond lights we stock here at Bradshaws Direct! They’re efficient, bright, waterproof and compact - making for a whole range of uses.

Ponds – These LunAqua lights are superbly compact, making them perfect for little shelves in your pond, though they can be positioned down to 4m depth! Oase have made them IP68 rated so they’re suitable for permanent underwater use.

Swimming Ponds – All the range on the continent, these lights have a 24 V DC low wattage connection so they are perfectly safe for a swimming pond or pool! A side note from Oase says: Standard regulations do not allow underwater use of the driver in swim ponds.

Efficiency – The LunAqua lights are very efficient for the light they transmit and for their size, Oase go as far as to say they are among the brightest lights in their whole range! The biggest difference with these lights is that they actually have a service life of 36000 hours, they aren’t going to let you down in a hurry!