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Oase IceFree 4 Seasons

21st Nov 2019

The Oase IceFree 4 Seasons is an ingenious little device, so called because you really can make use of it through all 4 seasons. In the winter it makes for an excellent ice preventer effective down to -20°C, and then in the Spring and Summer it doubles as an attractive floating fountain with a choice of water patterns. At an incredible only 5 Watts power consumption it’s superbly economical to run also, especially when compared to many pond heaters.

The IceFree 4 Seasons achieves this remarkable energy saving because it doesn’t use any heating elements as a pond heater would do. Instead it uses a floating design where the main head of the unit floats on the pond surface. This is attached via a length of hose to a small pump that dangles way below the surface (see image below left), you can vary the depth by adding or removing lengths of hose).

The pump then draws up warmer water from the depths of the water column and transports, then disperses the water at the surface as shown in the image above. This displaced moving, warmer water, melts or prevents ice from forming around the head of the unit and also adds extra oxygen. Preventing the full surface of your pond from icing over is essential for the health and survival of your fish.

Why this is Essential

If we have a particularly cold winter especially in certain colder areas of the country your pond may be likely to freeze over. If this freezing lasts for a while (several days or more) that can be a major problem. An iced over pond will prevent the natural exchange of gases at the pond surface (see our earlier post from a few years back for a fuller explanation of this). Carbon dioxide and other gases will not be able to escape and sufficient fresh oxygen may be prevented from entering the pond. Such a situation would be likely to make your fish ill or even in the worst cases cause them to die.

After Winter has Passed

Once the Winter has passed and you no longer need the 4 Seasons as an ice preventer just attach the required fountain head to transform your ice preventer into a gorgeous looking fountain up to 75cm high, that will also help to oxygenate the water (thanks to the moving water and droplets created).

Key Product Features:

  • Robust float with a durable modern design plastic coating
  • Works down to -20°C – (with a minimum water depth of 40cm)
  • Includes a Pump bag – prevents the fountain clogging during the summer months
  • Energy efficient pump technology - only a 5-watt power consumption.
  • Vulkan nozzle - creates a 2 tiered fountain up to 75cm high and ensures good oxygen enrichment of the pond
  • Lava nozzle - Small bell fountain (approx. 5cm). Ideal for a quiet display without splashing
  • Hose sections - Two hose sections can be connected easily depending on winter or summer use
  • 2 year Oase guarantee