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Oase Aquamax Eco Premium - Like Always, But Better

21st Nov 2019

Aquamax Eco Premium – Like Always Just Better

Not our words but from Oase themselves – ‘The new original, like always just better.’ The Aquamax Eco Premium pond pump is Oase’s flagship everyday pond pump for your garden pond. Well built, designed to last with a premium feel - it really is everything you could ask of a top-quality product.

So why spend the extra on this product?

Warranty on this pump is 3 + 2 Years. Much better than you’ll get with most pumps on the market, Hozelock have only just started to do a 5 year Warranty on the Aquaforce for instance.

Made in Germany – I think we can all agree that German engineers know what they are doing, all of the component parts in these pumps are stress tested before being resin sealed into the body.

Patented Frost protection – The only pump that can operate down to temperatures as low as -20°C.

SFC Switch – From the models 12,000 and up you can make use of a Seasonal Flow Control, is it a Gimmick? No, leaving your pump on in winter stops your pond from freezing over (very important to allow the escape of harmful gases), the SFC switch will help to reduce costs by up to 30% at a time when utility bills will be at their highest (due to cold winter conditions).

Secondary Inlet – Not readily used to be honest by most, however this is a clever feature that can allow you to draw water from two areas of your pond, reducing stagnant areas in unusual shaped ponds. This can be set between 1,2,3 and 4 which are percentages of 25% 50% 75% and 100% of water being taken from the secondary inlet. Simply release the blue lever and set to the desired number, remember if not in use, to set to 0.

Whats in the Box?

In the box, you’ll have the instructions, warranty card and 2 bags containing all the bits needed to set up your new pump. As mentioned before, when you are installing it straight from the box, set the secondary inlet to 0, otherwise no water can be drawn through when the blanking cap is in place. On the above picture straight from the box it is set at 4 and this wouldn’t allow water to be pulled through.

How to take care of your new pump?

Pond Pumps are the forgotten element of a pond, rarely touched until they stop working. Like anything they do need some care too, so don’t just throw them to the bottom of your pond and neglect them!

You should regularly clean and maintain your pond pumps. Cleaning is a simple matter of hosing the cage down, removing the main pump and impeller and checking for any debris that can be removed. Its easy too, have a look at the pictures below if you’re unsure.

I hope this helps if you get stuck with your Aquamax Eco, if not just give us a call!