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Oase Aquamax Eco Classic – Oase adds 2 New Smaller E Versions to the Aquamax Family

21st Nov 2019

The Oase Aquamax Classic in various versions has been around for a number of years now, it is the ‘budget’ and old stalwart Oase filter/watercourse pump. These pocket friendly pumps however still maintain the top quality by which Oase have built their name and reputation. Throughout its native Germany and the rest of the world Oase is a brand that has become synonymous with premium quality and reliability.

The key features of the Aquamax Classic listed by Oase are:

  • Extremely economical: Thanks to its energy-efficient motor, the AquaMax Eco Classic constantly saves electricity – and therefore money – while in operation. This basically means that compared to their older versions and thanks to continually improving innovations such as new impeller designs, current versions are roughly 25% more efficient than their predecessors. The 2 new ‘E’ models save even more. See the tables below for side-by-side comparisons of the attributes of both the previous and new ‘E’ versions. Hopefully all the available sizes of the pump will make a step towards being ‘E’ in the future!
  • Suitable for Swimming ponds – More mainland Europe but if you’re brave enough here and install the Pump in an exterior pump chamber you can create a wonderful swimming pond as pictured below.
  • Stepped Hosetail – Specially mentioned by Oase, a bit mundane but important. All the models now come with 25mm, 32mm and 40mm attachments.
  • Flat profile, the flatter profile makes the pump stand out less, the older style humped armadillo cages can be quite easy to see in shallow ponds. This design increases the surface area and takes up to 8mm solids.

  • Dry running and Blockage function – The pump will turn itself off if it detects a blockage in the pipework or that there is no water in the system. This is a really clever function and a bit of a lifesaver! The official Oase name for this function is the Environmental Function Control or EFC for short, this has now also been added to the 2500 E model for 2019.
  • Spares can be ordered in if not stocked. This is a key advantage of buying an Oase product, so don’t throw away your instructions (or get them out of the bin if you already have) as the instructions will list all the part numbers available.

So what are the two new ‘E’ Products all about?

This January Oase have released an Aquamax Eco Classic 2500 E and 3500 E. The look is the same and they are more efficient than their predecessors but are they actually as good or better? The table below shows you where they perform better (highlighted in green).

Tech DataClassic 2500Classic 2500 EClassic 3500Classic 3500 E
Dimensions L x W x H190 x 175 x 100mm280 x 130 x 140mm280 x 230 x 130mm280 x 230 x 140mm
Cable Length10m10m10m10m
Max Flow2400l/h2600l/h3600l/h3500l/h
Max Head Height2.00m2.2m2.2m2.6m
Debris Size6mm8mm8mm8mm
Hose Size20/25/32mm25/32/38mm25/32/38mm25/32/38mm
Rated Voltage220-240v 50hz220-240v 50hz220-240v 50hz220-240v 50hz

All in all these new models are certainly worth a look and the 2500E is a definite step forward from the previous version.