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Nishikoi Health Food

21st Nov 2019

New for this year (2014) is the Nishikoi Health Food for your fish.

Nishikoi Health Food is packed full of health boosting ingredients, such as prebiotics which contain insulin and a polysaccharide. This food is a great source of micro flora which is crucial to stimulating growth and essential bacteria activity. Also contains organic acids which are needed to improve your fish's digestion and form a barrier to pathogenic bacteria.

As well as prebiotics this great health food product contains Beta-Glucans which aid natural disease resistance for your fish.

Garlic is also in Nishikoi Health Food. For all you fish lovers out there you will know the health properties of garlic for your fish, it is a great health booster and helps fussy eaters or fish that are recovering from disease or stress.

Nishikoi Health Food is easily digestible and wheatgerm based, it's the perfect thing to help prepare your fish for winter, and to get them at their best for the warmer months. Reduced levels of fat and proteins help to aid in the rejuvenation of your weaker fish throughout the year.

So this is a great food to help improve the overall health of your fish. What is there not to love?

If you would like to give Nishikoi Health Food a try click here.

Nishikoi also produce a large range of other fish foods, such as Nishikoi Growth Fish Food, Nishikoi Wheatgerm Fish Food, and Nishikoi Pond Flake Fish Food.