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New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pond

7th Jan 2022

It's that time of year again when we all decide to make some major changes - get fitter (gym memberships go up by 33-50% in January), eat healthier, improve my job prospects etc. etc. January being the month of good intentions I'm sure we all set out to make major changes in our lives - but just how achievable are those kinds of resolutions in the long run (fully 80% of those new January gym members have stopped visiting the gym by the 2nd week in February)!

Although we haven't done the research we kind of suspect there's a similar spike and trough effect with other 'change of lifestyle' type resolutions too. So how can we avoid getting that sinking feeling of failing on our new year's resolutions yet again? Well, maybe we're aiming too high. Perhaps a better idea is to resolve to take control of something we can really get results with. That way instead of failing on our resolutions and feeling guilty and like a loser - we can instead feel buoyant and fulfilled with a real sense of achievement (and maybe even a little self-satisfied smugness to boot).

How about getting to grips with a project you've been meaning to sort out for ages? How about finally sorting out your garden pond ready for the spring and summer season – then you can gloat and bask in the glory when your friends start telling you what a gorgeous oasis of calm and tranquillity you’ve made out of your garden.

1. Plan things out - First and foremost, it’s a good idea to have a plan for this year's pond project. Think about what you did with your pond in the previous year – mistakes made or just things you’d like to improve on - and potential pitfalls to avoid. This is also a good time to think about how to improve your pondscape. How about adding a water feature or some plants or ornaments? Now is the time to plan ahead and get everything in place and ready to enjoy once the spring and summer seasons roll around.

2. Learn about your pond’s ecosystem - Another great idea is to learn about the complete and fascinating ecosystem that a well set up pond will create. Understanding how your pond works as an ecosystem will pay dividends and allow you to really make the most out of your garden pond. This is also a fantastic opportunity to get younger members of the family interested and enthused by the subject of nature and the great British wildlife. As well as learning about how the fish in your pond thrive they can learn about all the other creatures that are attracted to a living pond – from frogs to all manner of insects and also how plants contribute to the delicate balance of a pond’s ecosystem.

3. Add some plants - On the subject of plants a sure fire way to increase your pond's health and also how it looks is to introduce some marginal plants. It’s easy to get excited about your gorgeous new pond, but take care to think about how it blends in to the general environment too. Marginal plants can help soften the edges of the pond’s construction and make your pond blend in for a much more natural look. As well as this, the right balance and the right type of plant life will improve the health and the clearness of the water by helping to oxygenate the pond, and can even help control the spread of nuisances like algae and blanketweed.

4. Freshen things up by adding something new – How about breathing new life into your pond by adding to it? You could add a waterfall or water feature, or maybe even for the more ambitious, create a relaxing retreat by adding decking or furniture to make a little patio. If that sounds a little too much don’t worry, even simple changes such as adding a statue or pond spitter, new varieties of fish or some water lilies can make a world of difference. Change things up and transform your pond – you’ll be glad you did.

5. Make some time and enjoy your pond There’s no point putting in all that effort if you never get to enjoy the benefits. So our final tip is to resolve to enjoy your pond and the fruits of your labour. There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend sat by the pond, soaking up the sun (we’re sure to get a little bit at least), enjoying the vibrant colours of your fish and the calming sound of water flowing from your feature or fall. And of course you can invite friends and family over so they can enjoy too – and they’re sure to be congratulating you on your hard work and the gorgeous garden oasis you’ve created. What more could any pond enthusiast ask for?