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New Range - Pond Pixie Spitters

21st Nov 2019

Bradshaws now have stock of a new range, Pond Pixie Spitters.

Bermuda On The Lookout Pond Pixie Spitters

Check out these mischievous characters that will bring some fun to your garden. They are a unique collectible range made of a durable poly resin and finished with a bronze effect.

The perfect pump to go with these Pond Pixie Spitters is the Bermuda Water Feature Pump 770

Bring some charm and sparkle to your garden and let these Cheeky Chaps watch over your pond

Bermuda Topping Up Pond Pixie Spitters

Bermuda Cooling Off Pond Pixie Spitters

Bermuda Sneaky Sip Pond Pixie Spitters

Bermuda Caught Short Pond Pixie Spitters

Originally posted on our old website in 2013