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Keeping Your Pond Aerated Through the Summer

13th Aug 2021

Keeping your pond aerated (supplied with plenty of oxygen) is essential. Ensuring a suitable amount of oxygen will keep your fish healthy and will help to keep your water crystal clear. It’s particularly important in the summer months to add some form of aeration as warmer water can not hold as much oxygen.

The best way to add oxygen is to install an Air Pump. There are a huge range to choose from including some that are Solar Powered – bringing cost savings and benefits to the environment.

Some of the chief benefits of adding an air pump are detailed below:

1. Healthier fish - Your fish will thank you for adding an air pump. As mentioned above when the water is warmer oxygen levels are low, sometimes resulting in fish gasping for air at the pond surface! If this is happening in your pond it’s a sure sign of oxygen depletion! It’s definitely time to add an air pump.

2. Clearer water - An air pump will help to move the water in your pond around, moving the more poorly oxygenated water from the bottom of the pond towards the surface. This can aid the effectiveness of pond water treatments.

3. Reduced algae growth - Through aeration and water circulation algae spores can be moved towards deeper areas of the pond. This reduces the amount of time the spores are exposed to the sunlight that they need in order to grow.

4. Improved filtration - Locating an air pump close to your pond filter can greatly improve the effectiveness of the bacterial filtration process. You could even add the air stones in your air pump directly into the biomedia in your filter. This will help the beneficial bacteria thriving there to convert the harmful pollutants in pond water into harmless nitrates, that will then feed your plants.

These are just some of the benefits of adding an air pump to your pond. Overall aeration will improve the natural balance of your pond’s ecosystem and make your pond a much better place both for your fish and everyone enjoying the pond.