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Keep Fish Safe this Winter with a Pond Heater

21st Nov 2019

With colder weather hitting us, as is often the case at this time of year, it’s important to think of the health and welfare of your fish. If freezing weather persists you need to make sure your pond doesn’t completely freeze over.

A pond that’s completely frozen over can cause problems because it means that harmful and toxic gases that build up in a pond from decaying waste material can’t escape and fresh healthy oxygen can’t get in.

A Pond Heater or Ice Preventer is the perfect solution for this, and at Bradshaws we have a whole range of these to suit all requirements and budgets.

Some of our most popular products are below. Click through on the product names or images for full details:

Bermuda Pond Heater 150 Watt – Bermuda Pond Heater 150 Watt – An excellent affordable option. This heater will keep an area of your pond ice free without using up huge amounts of electricity. Simple to install and use this heater comes complete with 5 metres of cable.

Oase IceFree Thermo Pond Heater – Made by premium German brand Oase, these are built to a very high standard. They’ll work down to -20°C and are available in 2 sizes. The larger 330 Watt model even comes with an automatic thermostatic switch that turns the device on and off as temperatures fluctuate.

Hozelock Floating Pond Heater 100 Watt – At 100 Watts this model is very cheap to run. It features a unique design with a floating ring that insulates the water surface. This enables great performance at a lower wattage. Very economical, from a popular and trusted UK brand.

Blagdon Affinity Ice Vent Heater – Another extremely economical heater wich uses only 50 Watts and is suitable for any pond up to 5000 litres (1100 gallons). Blagdon’s innovative convection design means this heater requires minimal energy to operate.

Any of these products, or those at our Pond Heater Category will enable you to be sure you keep an area of your pond ice free and so ensure the health of your fish