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Instructions - Pondkraft UVC

21st Nov 2019

UV Clarifier - Owner’s Manual

9w / 11w / 18w / 36w / 55w

These instructions contain important information about your new PondKraft Ultra-Violet Clarifier. Please read them thoroughly and then store them somewhere safe for future reference. They should always be passed on if the product goes to a new owner.


The PondKraft UVC (ultra-violet clarifier) is designed to be added to an existing pond system, in between the pond pump and filter and to run for 24 hours a day. If installed and used properly, it will keep the water in your pond clear and algae-free.

  • Install the UVC on a solid surface, out of the water. It should be placed between your pond pump and filter.
  • The UVC has stepped hose tails, which can accept hose of 20, 25, 30 and 40mm. If you using a hose tail of above 20mm, you should saw off the smaller, unused sections. This will maximise water flow.
  • Try to keep hose lengths between the UVC, filter and pump to a minimum to avoid loss of flow.
  • The hose that is connected to the inlet of the UVC should be attached to your pond pump, and the outlet hose to your pond filter.
  • Secure the hose with clips to ensure a tight connection.
  • When connecting to the electricity supply ensure the product is earthed and that a circuit breaker is used.


We recommend that you change your UV bulb every year, at the start of spring. The bulb may still light up after this time, but the UV light won’t be working effectively, so it will still need changing.

  • Turn off and disconnect all electrical connections before handling
  • Ensure the unit is dry
  • Push in the button at the end of the unit (the end with the cable).
  • Unscrew the end cap anti-clockwise
  • Pull out the UV bulb unit
  • Remove the bulb gently and replace. Do not handle the glass tube, always hold the bulb by the plastic connection.
  • Re-assemble the unit and screen the end cap back on

This can sometimes take a few attempts before getting the hang of it, the first time you do it the unit is quite stiff but will loosen up after the first time of opening it.


The PondKraft UVC has a 2 year guarantee which covers material and manufacturing defects, but does not cover damage from misuse (see warnings below)


  • Not to be submerged in water
  • Do not lift or carry by the electrical cable
  • To be used in fresh water
  • Designed for use with a garden pond or pool only
  • Connect to a properly grounded outlet
  • Do not connect to any voltage other than that shown on the UVC

Imported and distributed by PondKraft
James Nicolson Link
Clifton Moor
YO30 4XX
01904 691169
Manufactured in China by Jebao