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Hozelock Pond Vac - Video Guide

21st Nov 2019

Hozelock Pond Vac

Sludge at the bottom of your pond can be a real problem, but it's one that a simple bit of regular maintenance can keep at bay. One simple, inexpensive and effective solution is the excellent Hozelock Pond Vac.

It comes in a small box, but don’t deceived, this vac is powerful enough to remove even large clumps of debris and waste form your pond. It’ll suck up leaves, algae, silt and sludge. It’s also completely fish safe and no pollutants will be returned to your pond. In fact if you use it with the Hozelock Pond Vac Collection Basket (buy them both together and you'll get £30 off), you’ll lose next to no water from your pond and won’t even have to top it up afterwards. Take a look at the video below to see it in action.