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Hozelock Pico Power Pressure Washer Hints and Tips

21st Nov 2019

Hozelock Pico Power Pressure Washer Hints and Tips

Following on from our previous video introducing the Pico Power Pressure Washer, here’s another video with essential tips and tricks on operation, to help you get the most out of your pressure washer. There’s tips on purging the unit of air and water before turning on, correct trigger operation and more. As stated in the video, although the unit used here for demonstration purposes is the ‘Compact 100,’ the tips are applicable and relevant across all Hozelock pressure washers.

Billed as the ‘Small and Mighty Pressure Washer,’ by Hozelock, this unit is small enough to be easily moved about and stored, yet still boasts impressive power with it’s 140 bar (max) motor.

This really is the perfect thing for cleaning down patios, decking, walls and even cars – especially for blasting mud and crud from wheel rims. Of course we’ve also found that it’s great for cleaning out pond pumps, filters and other pond equipment too.


  • Powerful yet compact pressure washer with optional patio cleaner
  • 140 bar (max) aluminium motor ensures effortless cleaning around home and garden
  • Ultra compact design and onboard receptacles for tools and attachments make for easy movement and storage
  • 6.5mm x 6m high pressure hose enables lightweight and versatile cleaning
  • Convenient extendable carrying/towing handle gives maximum manoeuvrability