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Hozelock Easy Drip Video and Information

21st Nov 2019

If your lawn or plants are looking a bit dry and parched after all the hot weather we’ve had, you might want to take a look at the Easy Drip automatic watering system from Hozelock. Plants need more watering in the summer and with the heatwave this year it’s even more important to ensure you take care of your flora.

This video shows just how simple to install the Easy Drip is, and also its amazing versatility. The beauty of this system is that you can use it to water everything from borders and marginals to vegetable patches, hedges, trees and even potted plants, hanging baskets and other containers.

With the Flexi Hose and the combination of hose pegs, sealing clips and other Accessories, the system is endlessly adaptable and can be used to set up an arrangement for just about any garden. Not only that, the Easy Drip components are designed to be truly universal and can be used to expand many existing watering systems, or just set up a new one from scratch.

With the choice of the Standard Drippers or Micro Drippers you can build a system that will water vegetable patches and other larger areas, and smaller potted plants all on the same set up. Installation is also a total cinch with the average installation taking around 15 minutes.

Using Easy Drip will free up more of your spare time, ensure your plants are watered properly and are healthy, and you can even link it to a Controller - meaning you don’t even have to be there to turn the tap on. Easy Drip also helps you to be kinder to the environment by reducin