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How to Clean Your Pondovac 3

21st Nov 2019

How/When to Clean your PondoVac 3

It's important to perform basic maintainence on your pond vacuum regularly to keep it running for years. Performing regular maintenence will save you having to face a big job of it later. If done regularly it will be no more than a quick 5 minute job.

When to clean:

1. In Use: While using your Pondovac 3 you will need to check the heads are free from blockages, or no water will get sucked through the unit! You'll also need to check the foams inside the pond vacuum by removing the head of the unit. It’s really simple, unclip the sides, loosen the foam plate anti clockwise and wash the foams through with a hose.

2. Storage: When storing your pond vacuum for the winter you need to make sure the foams are clean and the unit is dry. If you leave the foams covered in gunk they will harden and could stop the vacuum from working again in the spring! Make sure you also hose the bottom of the tank out to remove any heavy bits of sediment that have dropped into the unit. Then store all your spare nozzle heads in the unit.