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How to Attract Birds to your Garden

21st Nov 2019

This is a guide on how to attract birds to your garden, we have some great products to help attract birds. They look lovely and some will even blend into your garden. Like these Wildlife World Bird Cup Flowerbed Feeder. They will go great in your flowerbeds and has a curved green stem to blend in. They will hold any type of bird food.

Avoid offering whole peanuts to the birds crush them or use wire mesh feeders instead, such as the Bill Oddie Premium Peanut Feeder.

Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table

An attractive hanging bird table for your garden would be the Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table. It can be hung almost anywhere and the intricate wood detail and verdigris copper roof make this a very decorative as well as a practical bird table.

If you wanted to encourage birds to stay and nest in your garden nesting boxes are the answer. Wildlife world have a Forest Nest Box. This is a multi-species nester and has a removable front panel to make it into an open box.

If you were looking to attract a particular bird such as a robin, as personally I would to wake up to see these cute birds hanging out in my garden, we do have a Wildlife World Robin Teapot Nester

Wildlife World Robin Teapot Nester

These are great for attracting robins as they prefer open nesting sites and usually that is man made objects such as kettles and teapots, which makes this teapot nester perfect for them.

To help you spot and name the birds that you will attract to your garden there is a handy little guide to the top 50 garden birds, it contains handy little hints on how to attract wild birds and how to distinguish between them.

Bill Oddie has a range of bird food and seeds out to help you attract wildlife to your garden, such as Dried Mealworm and Suet Feast Combo Bird Food 500g and Finest Peanuts Bird Food, which is available in various sizes.

Have fun attracting birds to your garden, and decorating it with these lovely products at the same time.