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Hibernating Animals in your Garden

21st Nov 2019

As winter is slowly creeping up on us, now is the time to start thinking about the animals in your garden that will be getting ready to hibernate.

To help these little critters out in the winter months Wildlife World have made some houses for them, to keep them safe in their vulnerable states.

ceramic frog toad house

Frogs usually go into hibernation between October to January, they like to find muddy burrows or a pile of decaying leaves to make their home for the winter months. To help them find somewhere to survive during the winter and to keep thems safe from predators Wildlife world have made the Ceramic Frog Toad House.

Called the 'Frogitat' this safe haven for frogs and toads is made from ceramic, and has a shelf in the back for the harsh winter months, however it can also be used in Summer as the front area of the 'Frogitat' stays cool for the frogs and toads. It has been designed so it will look great in your garden, as well as attracting wildlife.


When you think about hibernation the first animal that pops into my head is a hedgehog, it is dangerous for these animals during hibernation months as they hide in mounds of leaves and logs, and when it comes round to bonfire night they can be in the mounds that people plan to set fire to. To help them sleep in the winter months in safety there is a Wildlife World Hedgehog House.

This is a perfect habitat for hedgehogs, it is a safe place for hibernation in winter months and makes a lovely summer retreat for them. It has a specially made entrance that allows hedgehogs to enter but deters predators. It has a hinged door at the back for annual cleaning and means you can check on any sick or injured hedgehogs.

Hedgehog House

This hedgehog house will help attract and keep hedgehogs in your garden which is always handy as they are beneficial to your garden they eat slugs and caterpillars. To attract hedgehogs to your garden you can put out some tinned dog food or chopped boiled eggs at the entrance of the habitat.

It is made from durable timber making it strong and long lasting. It has a raised floor to keep the damp out and double skinned roof for insulation and weather protection. It is a decent size of Size: 195 x 385 x 430 mm.

Squirel Feeder

Squirrels are another animal that hibernates during winter, and to help them stock up for the winter months we have a Wildlife World Squirrel Feeder, to help them stock up for them winter months it also helps to keep them away from your bird table. It is built to last with a rust proof hinge and has the capacity to hold a generous amount of nuts.

For more products to attract wildlife to your garden take a look at our Wildlife World and Bill Oddie products on our websites.