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Giant Catfish Underwater Footage

21st Nov 2019

Giant Catfish Underwater Footage

This is a great video that lets you see POV (Point of View) footage of a giant catfish going for a swim. If you’ve ever wondered what the underwater world of your fish is like from their vantage point then this will give you a view into their world!

As you’ll see in the video, this was actually achieved by literally strapping a GoPro camera to the back of a giant catfish! Yes we kid you not. Catfish are a fascinating breed. They can live in a wide range of temperatures from just above 0°C to around 38°C. They get their unusual name from their feline looking ‘whiskers’ that are actually barbels that act as a defence mechanism, unlike most other species that have scales as a defence mechanism. Catfish habituate a variety of conditions including fresh water, brackish and saltwater. While some catfish species prefer stagnant water others prefer rivers and fast flowing streams.