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Ghost Ponds!

3rd Nov 2020

What's a Ghost Pond?  ...No, despite the season, it's nothing to do with Halloween. ...But the truth of what they in fact are is actually a whole lot more interesting...

A little while ago we highlighted on our Facebook page the Ghost Ponds Project in Norfolk. The project aims to aid biodiversity and boost wildlife by reviving long dead ponds, which will in turn encourage the return and thriving of all kinds of flora and fauna.

Scientists and farmers are working together to restore the long dead ponds, which were buried and filled in to create more land for arable farming. This has happened increasingly over time, and some of these Ghost Ponds were filled in over a hundred years ago. More than 8000 of these ponds were lost in this way in the county of Norfolk alone. The initiative aims to locate these former ponds, dig them out and restore them to their former glory.

The video above created by Associated Press illustrates just how exactly these Ghost Ponds are brought back to life. You can find out more about the Ghost Ponds Project  here and Ghost ponds in general here.

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