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Getting Your Pond up and Running in Spring

21st Nov 2019

Now the weather is getting milder, what should you be doing with your pond?

With the fluctuation in weather we have had lately you will have noticed a lot more activity in and around your pond, we have certainly had a busier few weeks with people being back out enjoying their garden again (or at least tidying it, if you’re anything like me and haven’t looked at your garden since October that is!)

So let’s first look at feeding your fish in winter – should I, or shouldn’t I? We believe that if your fish are looking for food you should give them a small amount of Wheatgerm Pellets/Sticks. These are lower in protein which means your fish will create less waste when feeding on this food, which will therefore create less strain on your filter’s bacteria that probably won’t be up and running yet. It’s also best to add a ‘Filter Start’ Treatment when you start re-feeding.

This time of year I also like to get the floor of the pond hoovered and cleaned, this will help to remove deep sludge and leaves that may have gathered on the pond bottom. If this debris is left to rot it can lead to the growth of anaerobic bacteria, and you would certainly want to nip this in the bud before problems arise. We have a range of Pond Vacuums to suit all different budgets and needs. Just remember though, that vacuums aren’t designed to be used just once a year to solve a big sludge problem, keep on top of it and its less hassle and so much easier to deal with!

I’d always recommend carrying out any general maintenance as soon as the weather starts to get warm enough for you to be out in your garden. Got a leak in your liner that you’ve been ignoring because it’s ‘just a drip’? Get that fixed now so you can enjoy your pond all through Spring and Summer - plus if you solve small problems with your pond like leaks etc now, you won’t have to worry about your water levels dropping if you’re going away for a nice summer break anywhere too!

Finally – Plants. Be it repotting or buying new ones, plants are best sourced now. We have started to get a stock of plants in our store in York and we have a huge range available from a specialist supplier on our website, do some research and you can create a really special area in your garden for you to enjoy.