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Get Ready for Those Autumn Leaves, as Met Office Predicts Severe Windy Rainy Weather!

1st Oct 2021

It’s that time of year again when we're heading into the autumn. And the Met Office is predicting extreme wind and rainy weather coming up! 

That means lots of leaves starting to fall and being blown all around gardens up and down the country! Left unchecked floating decomposing leaves, twigs and other debris will fall to the bottom of your pond and develop into a sludge that will cause health problems for your fish as well as nasty murky water!

Now is the time to do something about this seasonal problem. The Oase SwimSkim 25 not only clears your pond of leaves, it also adds beneficial oxygen to your pond through the Venturi Principle. At a great value price it also comes with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind. Head on over to the product page and order yours today!