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Floating Planters - An Update

21st Nov 2019

As promised here is a quick update on Floating Planters and how they bloom so impressively throughout the summer months! These photographs are taken from my own pond at home.

The planter above contains predominately water Forget-Me-Nots. They look great and really do take over the Velda floating Planters. I have attached 3 planters together here and used low growing marginals.

The second planter is populated with Arum Lily’s, Iris and Oxygenating Grass. It won’t be long until this is fully up and grown. At the moment it’s just starting to establish, given a little more time it will be fully grown and I’m sure it will look just amazing!

We stock a wide Range of Plants available in our Retail Shop in York. I’ve added a recent picture of our delivery in our warehouse, so you can see the size and quality. We can also arrange to have plants sent to you directly from the grower – just take a look at our full range Online. If you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call on 01904 698800 and we can try and source whatever it is you need.