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Feeding your Fish - Seasonal Feeding

21st Nov 2019

Because of their complexity, proteins require the fish’s metabolism to be relatively high before they can be digested. High protein foods can be fed to fish in the summer months to promote growth, but during the cooler times of the year fish should be fed lower protein foods as their metabolism drops.

The general rule for the type of food to feed at varying temperatures is;

Below 5°C – Do not feed. Fish will not be actively seeking any food at this temperature and will normally appear fairly sluggish at the pond’s depths.

5°C – 10°C – If the fish come to accept food they should be fed a very low protein food such as winter food or wheatgerm.

10°C – 15°C – At this temperature fish will be feeding regularly, a general staple food such as pond sticks can be fed.

Above 15°C – The fish’s metabolism is at its highest. Growth foods and Koi pellets which contain higher levels of protein can be fed to encourage growth.

The protein levels change from product to product and most manufacturers will display on the label the ideal pond temperatures at which to use the food.