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Feed your Fish while on Holiday

21st Nov 2019

So you’re off on your summer jollies, and it occurs to you that you’re going to need to do something about looking after your fish. What can you do? Well you could ask a friend or neighbour to look in and feed them when they need. That’s fine but it can sometimes lead to problems. A friend who maybe doesn’t know about fish keeping and wants to keep your fish, and in turn you, happy, might just be a little over-zealous with the feeding regime – that means you could come back to a pond full of green. Not something you want to be dealing with when you're just back from your summer holiday!

This is where technology comes to the rescue. There are some really clever devices available such as the Fish Mate P7000 Auto Fish Feeder. This can deliver variable feed sizes at times programmed by you, to ensure your fish receive the perfect feeding regime even while you’re away in foreign climes soaking up the sun.

This video takes you through the features of this amazing feeder and let’s you see exactly what it’s capable of.

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