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Expanding to a Wildlife Garden

21st Nov 2019

Having a nature pond alone will attract many species of insects, birds, small mammals and amphibians. As well as establishing a nature pond, there are many other garden additions which can encourage and nurture an even wider range of wildlife in your garden.There are specially formulated foods available for frog and toad tadpoles, which will ensure the amphibian population is well nourished and will thrive in the pond.

Hedgehog houses and squirrel feeders can be placed around the garden to provide shelter and food for small mammals.

One of the easiest and most common set-ups in a wildlife garden is the addition of bird houses and feeders. There are a multitude of different types of bird food available to cater for a wide range of bird species

The most over-looked additions to a garden are insect and bug habitats. Insects are usually one of the first forms of life to colonise a wildlife garden, encouraging other creatures to follow and playing a huge role in a natural ecosystem. Adding specifically designed habitats will give you the opportunity to attract and study a wide range of insects and wildlife.