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Evolution Aqua UVC - Quartz Sleeve and O Ring Installation

21st Nov 2019

The Evo UVC is one of the most popular UVC’s that we sell. A few years ago Evolution Aqua changed the packaging of these units to stop the quartz and the bulb from breaking in transit, so you now have to install these yourself. Thankfully though, the process for this is pretty straightforward if you follow the instructions.

What people do miss sometimes, is the O-Rings that are attached to the lid of the box. These are vital to stop the unit from leaking water into the electrics. The photo below shows where the O-Rings are located in the box.

In this bag you will find the 2 O-Rings and the 2 Flat Washers referred to in the instructions. (SO DON’T MISLAY OR THROW THESE AWAY, THINKING THEY ARE JUST SPARES!)

The instructions below show the component list and how to identify the O-Rings (round edges) and the Flat Washers (flat edges) – as well as where they fit on to the UV housing.

These next instructions show how to install the quartz sleeve, and where to fit the O-Rings and Flat Washers.

Once installed you should see a blue glow from the UVC as shown below. This indicates that everything is working fine. This blue light can be hard to see sometimes in the daytime, so have a look at night time just to make sure.