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Eheim Aquarium Products

21st Nov 2019

We are now an official stockist of Eheim aquarium products!

Very exciting! We are so happy to have their great products in our shop and available online!

classic250 breakdown

Those who know of Eheim will be pleased to hear that they are still producing the Classic 250 External Filter, which is perfect for aquariums of up to 25 litres.

This classic filter still gives you the option to fill with filter pads of loose media.

EHEIM Thermocontrol Aquarium Heaters

If you are looking to turn your tank into a tropical aquarium then we can recommend the EHEIM Thermocontrol Aquarium Heaters

They come in various sizes, so to help you choose the right one we have been very efficient and have created a Performance Table to help you.

For those of you who like things clean, the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is the perfect aquarium accessory for you! It has been designed so it sucks up dirt without disturbing your gravel and the purifying bacteria. The filter department in the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro is easy to remove and clean after use.

The good people at EHEIM have put up a video of the Quick Vac Pro in use so you can see just how it works.

Click here to see the video of Introduction to the Quick Vac Pro from EHEIM

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro

In our shop we use the EHEIM Quick Vac Pro to keep our tanks clean, so if you want you could always come down and have a go.

All our EHEIM products are up in our shop so feel free to come and take a look, or if you are not local to York don't worry as we have put all the EHEIM products on our webiste.

Originally posted on our old website in 2014, unfortunately we no longer stock Aquarium products.